In-Person Care in Atlanta with Nationwide Virtual Services

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In-Person Care in Atlanta with Nationwide Virtual Services

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If you are a woman noticing signs of hair loss, there is something you can do about it

You don’t have to accept losing your hair.
Holistic hair-health solutions designed for women.

Treat the Specific Causes
of Your Hair Loss: Hormones, Inflammation, Cellular Aging

Feel Empowered Through a Treatment Program Designed For Women

Feel Like Yourself Again.
Beautiful. Feminine. Confident.

7 Signs You are Losing Your Hair

You Don't Have to Endure Hair Loss

There are a lot of hair treatment options for men. Did you know, women have specific needs with hair restoration?
At Hair Medicine Institute, we have deep specialization in supporting women restoring their hair.

Effective treatments prescribed by a dermatologist

9 out of 10 patients get real results from our medically proven therapies.

Supportive natural therapeutics

Target the root causes of hair loss in women: hormones, inflammation, and cellular aging.

Real clinical

Get permanent results with a precision hair transplant. Women are great candidates.


Personalized to You







My hair loss journey was filled with a lot of fear and uncertainty: fear that my hair wouldn’t grow back, worry that it would get worse, uncertain if treatment would work, and a deep loss of my sense of femininity. Instead of reacting or dismissing me, Spencer listened, and dedicated months to learning the best and most up-to-date treatments – that many of my other doctors weren’t familiar with. Regrowth took almost two years, and he supported me every step in a subtle but powerful way. He turned my healing journey into a true passion for treating hair loss that I have never seen in any other doctor, and I’ve seen a lot of them in several cities!”



Dr. Spencer Hawkins, MD

I can help you on your hair loss journey like I helped my wife with hers.

My journey into hair restoration was profoundly personal. Witnessing my wife’s struggle with alopecia areata during my dermatology residency at the University of Michigan opened my eyes to the emotional toll hair loss can take. This experience, intertwined with my professional journey, fuels my dedication to offering empathetic, specialized care for women facing hair loss.

My commitment to providing exceptional care for my patients led me to seek world-class education and training in hair medicine. Our practice is built on this foundation of expertise, and I’m proud to lead a team of highly skilled professionals. Our technicians, with over 20 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation, have honed their skills alongside national leaders before bringing their invaluable expertise to our practice. Together, we’re dedicated to supporting women through their hair restoration journey with the utmost care and precision

      Double Board-Certified Dermatologist & Micrographic                     Dermatologic Surgeon.

      Fellowship trained through the International Society of Hair          Restoration Surgery. 

      Over a Decade of Experience in Complex Hair Loss 

      52 Publications and Speaking Engagements


Hair Loss Stops Here.

Women trust our evidence-based medical approach for long lasting hair restoration.

Assess Your Hair Loss

Get a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your type of hair loss

Start Your Treatment

You’ll be guided through your holistic treatment plan step-by-step by our dermatologist-led care team

Get Long Lasting Results

See results within 6 months and be supported over the long term for a long-lasting solution.

Get Your $1,000 Credit

Download Our Women’s 

Hair Restoration Guide

Make an informed decision about your hair treatment.

     Root causes of female hair loss

     Dermatologist recommended treatments

      Why you should have long term management plan 

      Real patient results

       Price comparison between top clinics in the US and abroad

And get $1,000 credit if you decide to pursue hair transplantation.

Without Treatment,
Your Hair Will Get Thinner.

Get a personalized treatment plan and feel like yourself, again.

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